Neuro Section

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CVACVA, Internal Capsule
Multiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis Plaques
Spine MRIMyelomalacia due to DJD
Brain MRIChondrosarcoma in the cavernous sinus
Venous InfarctVenous infarct
DWI"Diffusion Weighted Imaging" or "DWI" is usually used to evaluate for presence of acute stroke. Restricted diffusion is present in areas of brain affected by the stroke. Abnormal areas are bright on DWI and dark on ADC maps. Other abnormalities such as abscesses and epidermoid cysts may also demonstrate restricted diffusion.
FLAIRFLAIR images are T2-weighted (T2W) images with suppressed CSF signal. These images are useful for evaluating white matter abnormalities. Many pathological processes are better delineated on FLAIR images compared to T2W images.
GRE"Gradient Recall Echo" or "GRE" images highlight presence of blood products.