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Neuro Differential Diagnosis
Head and Neck Differential Diagnosis
Cardiac Differential Diagnosis
Body Differential Diagnosis
Genitourinary Differential Diagnosis
Musculoskeletal Differential Diagnosis

About DiffDx on

DiffDx on is a database of differential lists organized by topics and findings. The lists are intended to be short and useful. For exhaustive lists that include other possibilities, the readers are referred to other sources. While every attempt has been made to check for errors, possibility of errors on this website remains.

Additional topics and differentials are being added routinely. Currently, only complete lists are viewable. The search function has been added. Only authorized editors are able to add lists at present time. However, everyone can search and display differential lists.

If you find this website useful and would like to become a peer reviewer or editor, please send an email to us.

Thank you for visiting!



About Outlines on

This idea is based on an anatomy course that editor took long time ago. The course director used outline approach to teaching and it seemed to be an effective way to learn material. Content in this section may include topics related to specific diseases, staging, measurements and others. You may find this useful if you like brief outlined points about a topic. As always, the information on the following pages is not intended to cover every detail about the topics. Even today, books continue to fulfill that role.


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